3 factors that give benefits to South Asians in immigration to Canada

Canada as we know it is one of the largest economies and one of the best countries according to living conditions. It also offers a variety of other perks that adds to its value, which is why several people are interested in getting Canadian immigration. Most of these people are from Asian countries especially the area of South Asia. Immigration from Canada to Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, is preferred by the people.

Why is Canada a priority of the people?

The country has been a priority of many immigrants and will continue to be so. This is because of several reasons. Canada is one of those few countries where you don’t have any confinement. You get all basic human rights, the immigrants are offered bonuses that even their own countries’ people don’t get. Through the immigration process if you spend enough time in Canada you can even become a Canadian national.

How to get Canadian immigration?

Canadian immigration is not that difficult to get but you need to follow certain points. You first need to register with the place where you want to live, then you have to give an address where you’re going to live. You need to have a valid passport, Visa, and all required documents and you have to pass the test of IELTS.

Factors that attract people towards Canada

As we discussed above Canada has one of the best living conditions in the world therefore immigrants prefer it. Here are some factors why it is preferred by South Asians:

  1. Higher wages

South Asian countries usually don’t have a high currency rate. Canada being a higher and stronger economy pays them. The pays are quite high as compared to what they get in their own countries. The converted rates from their currency to the Canadian currency proves to be a blessing for them and therefore they opt to stay in Canada and work and earn and send money home to help their families. This benefits the Canadian government too as they charge the taxes from immigrants.

  1. A highly respected passport

Immigration enables people to have access to the Canadian passport. It is a very highly respected and appreciated passport throughout the world. So you get a certain benefit that being a Canadian passport holder you can travel to most of the countries of the world.

  1. Permanent Residency

No matter if you are a student, entrepreneur, or any skill-based person, Canada will provide you a relief by giving you a permanent residence. This comes in very handy as most of the immigrants who go to Canada don’t have any relatives or known people living there already. So when the people move there, they need to toil to get a place to live and fortunately Canada saves your struggle if you are a legal immigrant by providing you with a permanent residence.

Moreover, Canada also provides security, rights, and all basic things that you need therefore people have Canada as their preference on their list.