5 Interesting Facts about Twitter in 2020

Social media is the most used platform in the internet world. The use of social media has overtaken even television watching. This is because almost everyone has access to social media as most people do have a mobile phone and the internet. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are one of the most used social media platforms

Twitter is considered as one of the more professional platforms out the others as it is home to the official accounts of many important personalities like army heads, state heads, and other high profile people. Twitter is widely used these days to convey news and here are 5 interesting facts about twitter in 2020 that you didn’t know or might know based on your twitter indulgence

Facts about Twitter

Here is a list of some facts about the Twitter platform

  • Twitter as we discussed earlier is home to millions of active users throughout the world who tweet and retweet daily many times. According to the Twitter survey in 2020, an interesting fact about twitter was found out that 350,000 posts are tweeted every minute that is equal to 500 million in a day in total which is still less than Facebook on which has many times more posts posted in a day
  • While many famous people have a huge number of following on twitter, but the most followed person on Twitter in 2020 is an American singer and songwriter named Katy Perry. She has accumulated around 108 million followers in 12 years as she joined twitter in 2009.

  • A fun fact is that many twitter followers are although organic and totally real people, but accounts that have huge followings don’t always have 100% organic followers. It is estimated that if a twitter account has a huge following base then at least 40 to 50% of followers are not real but fake accounts.
  • Another interesting fact about twitter is about the most-liked tweet on the platform, though many celebrities have a huge number of followers who like their tweets the most number of likes on a single tweet is prized to former US president Barack Obama whose tweet has more than 4.5 million likes
  • One of the most interesting facts about twitter is about emojis used in it. As of 2020 the most used emoji on twitter is the one with a face having tears of joy. This emoji has been used 2 billion times until now

There still are a lot of interesting facts about twitter, as it is daily and continuously gaining new downloads and users, according to an estimate at least 20% of the people in the entire United States of America who have an internet connection use twitter at least once a month which realistically speaking his huge but still lesser than some other social media platforms that people like for entertainment purposes

So, these were the 5 interesting facts about twitter in 2020 that people should know about although it is a constantly growing platform so the list can keep on growing