5 Tips to Make Your YouTube Subscribers Watch Every Video

Choose engaging titles for your videos 

If you have the tiniest concepts about marketing, well, and good. If you don’t, read a little about it and know how to market your business. Once you get to know the marketing tactics, it won’t be as difficult as before. Apply all your marketing knowledge to your video.

Choose a title that should compel your subscribers to watch the video. Your title should be so compelling that if your subscriber misses watching your video, they should think that they’re missing out on something very important.

Imagine yourself as an audience and think if you were at their place, would you give your video a view? Is the title engaging enough that you should click on the video?

The audience usually prefers entertaining content. They open YouTube to feel better and relax their mind after a hectic day. Therefore, focus on a title that is entertaining, and that leaves the audience curious about what might be in the video.

Work on thumbnails 

Videos with attractive thumbnails get greater views. It looks more professional. It shows that you have actually put in some effort. YouTube also has its own thumbnails but they are quite boring. You have given so much time to the content and video, why would you waste it all by putting a YouTube generated thumbnail? Thumbnail should be so attractive that it brings people to your channel.

It is wise to create an appealing thumbnail for your video because it not only promotes your channel and helps it grow, but it is also one essential way of boosting likes on your videos. Thumbnails is what creates the first impression in the minds of your audience. For this reason, make it as appealing as you can.

Engage with your audience

If you give time to your audience, your audience will give time to you. Don’t just go on posting video after video. Be social and engage with your audience. Ask them for their opinions, suggestions, etc. Try to know what they think about your content. What type of content do they expect from you and are you meeting their expectations or not? Engaging with your audience is always one wise way to stay connected to them and keeping them closer. It also helps to grow YouTube subscribers.

Know what your audience wants

Your efforts will go into vain if your content is not what your audience wants to see. Instead of posting videos of your own interest, try to know the preferences of your audience. Your subscribers will be disappointed if you don’t post content of their interest. You might also start to lose followers. Therefore, it is always important to engage with your audience. Tell them to leave comments on what they want you to create. When you create audience-oriented videos, you will surely experience growth.

Cross promoting videos

This is one wise way of increasing views. YouTubers usually give links to their other videos in the recent video they have posted. They might add the link in the description. This makes access to other videos easier.

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