6 Most Popular Types of TikTok Videos

TikTok is a short video app that has taken the world by storm. Video sharing was never this easy. Everyone with an internet connection uses TikTok and shares videos on TikTok at the moment. People use this platform to get famous over there. So, they usually buy TikTok followers to take the lead. With millions of videos on TikTok and more being uploaded every day, one wonders what kind of videos are out there. We have categorized the most common types of videos into five main types:

Music Videos

If the song exists, you can find it on TikTok and not just old songs. These days a song is released online first, all other forms of media second. If you are a musician and want to show your talent to the rest of the world, you can also share your music video with your fans.


Want to learn how to do eye makeup? There’s a TikTkok video for that. Want a J-Lo inspired makeover? There’s a TikTok video for that. Fenty beauty made the makeup tutorials for their followers. Anything you want to know or learn, chances are that there is someone on the other side of the planet which is already very good at it and that someone probably has made a TikTok video tutorial.

Funniest Home Videos

If you are a big fan of the show America’s Funniest Home Videos, then you would be a big fan of TikTok too. You can find all sorts of videos on TikTok ranging from children’s surprising reactions to baby panda’s sneezing to some unlucky bloke whose friends put a video of his singing online to cats pretending to be hats. TikTok can provide you with hours of laughter and who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh. In quarantine during covid 19, moms made videos with their babies and participated in many challenges to get more followers.

Parodies/ Spoofs

TikTok is famous for its lip-syncing function where people can parody of all the famous songs or movie scenes to grab the attention of the audience. And not just songs, there are parodies of movies, TV shows, political debates and even cat videos because everything is better when it is funny, or in the case on cat videos, funnier.


Short for video blogs, vlogs have become the biggest thing since sliced bread. Where friends previously used to tell you to read their blog, now they tell you to watch their vlog. There’s also a wide variety of vlogs. TikTok allows the people to a minute long vlog on their account that gained a lot of popularity. There are funny vlogs where girls sit and complain about men, and there are serious vlogs about issues like global warming, there are travel vlogs about tours and everything else you can think of.

Social media Challenge:

Social media challenge helps your content to go viral and get more eyeballs in a fraction of minutes. If your main goal is to grow your following count on TikTok, then you should take part in trending challenges and post those videos. You can even start your own challenge to take it a step future. Use your branded hashtags and will likely to go viral.