Para Tu Blog’s leadership firmly believes the proper to be printed should not be confined to a certain writing course or to somebody with a particular educational history.

This episode was an initial trigger that sparked the idea of Para Tu Blog. “It made me think about how publishing functions in Spain and if there’s an chance to create a new model based on science fiction and also user-generated content in Spain.”

It took a couple of months of research and due diligence ahead of Jones chose to launch Para Tu Blog.com at 2014 with the aim to grow Spain internet ecosystem.

Para Tu Blog.com is your brainchild of both Jones and Rejel, who teamed up with Shamsia to interrupt traditional journalism in Spainby inviting citizen journalism via crowdsourced content. Necessity is the mother of invention.

Para Tu Blog.com started this trip when Jones identified the absence of area for young authors from the publishing industry. “I once tried to get printed in a newspaper in Spain. I was living abroad and did not know anybody at any print or online books in the nation. I realized how hard it can be to get printed unless you know folks.” Welcome into Para Tu Blog.com!!