GIF, colloquially known as ‘gif’, is an acronym for graphics interchange format. The name tells you that it has certain animations that a picture lacks. GIFs are widely used across the globe on all the social platforms and lately hit the non-social messaging apps also. With the huge success of GIFs, die-hard fans are always looking for the answer to how to create a gif. Because no matter how much they are in a pool, something extra is always needed. GIFs are so common that some people prefer conversing by exchanging these instead of typing and talking. And some have specially installed apps and software to create the desired gif whenever required.

How is a GIF different from the other formats?

Before getting to the simple tutorials, you must be thinking that how is a gif different from a video or a picture? Stay put, because you are about to get your reply. Gif started as videos, there is no doubt about that. But what made GIFs special and distinct was its size and capacity of story-telling in limited frames. If people were given the option of talking or reacting by sharing videos, it would have taken them a lot of time, and that would have been boring.

GIFs are made by alternating frames and adjusting the screen time for a maximum of 30-60 seconds. Compared to a video, the graphics of a GIF are dithering and are not as smooth as of a video. But gifs are significantly smaller in size and are enough to share the exact emotion with the other user. The use of GIFs is not limited to conversations. People nowadays capture themselves or their beloved ones and transform the frame into a GIF. The format makes it look all the more interesting and loveable.

How to create a Gif

Now that you know the basic difference among the video and gif, a comparison between picture format and gifs is pretty simple. Pictures are still, however, gifs aren’t. The phenomenon is like animated pictures. So, how to create a gif? It is not a tedious task given the amount of free online software, websites, and applications available on the internet. All you have to do is an open one and enter your desired image or video you want to convert in a GIF. It is easier for you is the substrate is a video.

Because with a picture, you need to adjust the color, pixels, palettes, and frames by yourself. And that becomes a little hard for the naïve makers. Beyond that, the common steps to all the creating platforms are loading of the target format, adjusting the parameters, creating a timeline, and saving or exporting the GIF into the memory. It is, therefore, a one-click process and that too an easy one.

Some GIFS don’t have the best quality

You need to understand that some of the GIFs produced from creators are not always in the best of the quality. There can be two reasons for it. One that your image format wasn’t preserved when you converted it into a GIF. Hence, the original size must be carefully chosen. Second, some websites don’t often work well with all sorts of GIFs, especially those that aren’t updated along with the apps. It is your job to find out the one with the best compatibility and quality.