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How to activate the dark mode of TikTok

Whether you have an iPhone, iPad, smartphone, or Android tablet, before activating the dark mode of TikTok, make sure you have the latest version of the operating system. Specifically, you should have iOS 13 or Android 10, or later versions.



If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can activate TikTok’s dark mode either manually, from the app, or automatically from the system settings, as long as you have iOS 13 or later. You need to open the application and move to the Me section. From there, tap on the three dots (top right) and choose the Dark Mode option. In that section, select the Dark option. The effect will be immediate.


As for the automatic activation, always in the path Me >settings > Dark mode, you must enable the “Use device settings “option. After that, you need to use iOS settings related to dark mode. Go to settings > screen and brightness; activate the Automatic option. TikTok will adapt accordingly.



If you have an Android device, you will most likely not be able to activate the dark TikTok theme from the app. We say this because this option, at the time of writing, is under development. However, it is possible to automatically activate the dark theme of TikTok, as long as you have Android 10 or later. It would be enough to set the dark theme of Android through the phone settings, that is by following the path settings > Display and turning on the toggle ” Dark theme ” (paths and names of the variable options based on the phone launcher, which can be of Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus brand, etc.).


In the previous version (Android 9), the black mode isn’t entirely complete. To unlock it, if you are unable to update Android, you should access the developer options by tapping “Build number” seven times and enable night mode. Having the dark mode on Android 8, it is not possible to activate it except by resorting to apps developed by third parties (which do not always work properly). In this way, the dark mode will be activated in all the apps that support this function, including TikTok, provided it is updated. If even with an update doesn’t work, try installing a beta version.



At the time of writing, it is still not possible to activate the dark TikTok theme if connected from a computer (via browser, using Windows, macOS, or Linux). You will notice this once logged in because you will not find options related to dark mode.

In any case, you could remedy the matter using the same method that you use for setting up WhatsApp Web black. Basically, you could take advantage of the Dark Reader extension for Chrome, which would allow you to control the inversion of the black/white colors for each website, including precisely


How to manage or deactivate the dark mode of TikTok

Now that you have enabled the black TikTok theme, you can manage it according to the activation procedure you followed:


  • If you have activated the “Dark” option in the app, you can deactivate it by going back to the appropriate section and choosing ” Light “;
  • If you have used the dark mode of iOS or Android, you can disable it to return all the clear apps, including TikTok, or you can turn off the ” Use device settings ” option and choose ” Light “so that the change only affects the social network of duets.


Dark TikTok theme based on energy saving

By activating the dark theme of TikTok through the operating system settings, in some cases, you may be able to do it according to the activation of the energy saving.

This would allow you to keep the theme clear as long as the battery has a charge level of over 20%. Subsequently, to reduce energy consumption, TikTok, and the other apps “dependent” on this option would switch to black mode. So you have learned how to activate the dark mode. If you are a newbie and want to get more eyes on your content, we recommend you to buy TikTok followers. Happy TikToking!