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The TikTok algorithm, how it works

You have downloaded TikTok, you have tried to upload a video, but you have not obtained great results, or you have uploaded a video, and it literally exploded; in both cases, you may have asked yourself, “but how does the TikTok algorithm work? ”

In this article, we will see step by step the whole operation of the TikTok algorithm, to understand the strategies to be implemented in the creation of the videos, to obtain thousands of views.

Go viral on TikTok

There are many “dark” things about how the TikTok algorithm works. In fact, the factors that influence the algorithm are many. Most users on TikTok believe that the virality of a video is determined by luck or chance. Many people ask us daily: “why have I made 200k views with the last videos and less than 200/100 with the last three videos?” Or, even more, the widespread question is: “how do I end up in you on TikTok?”

In this regard, let’s debunk this myth:

To go viral on TikTok and make thousands or millions of views, it doesn’t matter that you already have 10,000 followers or you have 0. Your video will ALWAYS go to “for you” after posting it. Your content will then be evaluated by the TikTok algorithm based on several parameters, let’s see which are the main ones:

  • Views
  • like
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Average viewing time
  • Completion rate

How the TikTok algorithm works

Now let’s see how the Tiktok algorithm technically works. I want to leave immediately by pointing out one thing. Have you ever noticed that your good video party starts accumulating views, but at a certain point, it stops? Then a few hours later, you start to receive notifications again for a few hours until another stop. Then the next day, which seemed to have stopped, the video starts to rise again, thus giving a sensation of “discontinuity.”

If it has already happened to you, then you know what I’m talking about, otherwise don’t worry; now I’ll clarify everything. The TikTok algorithm works in “waves, “basically as soon as you publish a video, this is shown to a small number of people (your followers + some users who don’t follow you but who may be interested). This is the essential explanation of how the TikTok algorithm works. Now that you know these things, you just have to “go along” with the algorithm and create content on TikTok. Create the original content and buy TikTok comments from this link to boost your video’s visibility.

The Completion Rate

Here, when we ask ourselves how the TikTok algorithm works, the answer is the Completion Rate.

What is that? The Completion Rate is the percentage of people who view your video in full.

For example, your video reaches 10,000 users, 8000 people watch it until the end; the Completion Rate is 80%.

This is the main metric that TikTok uses to decide whether to push your video and make it remain in the ‘for you’ for a long time.

Why is it so important?

The goal of TikTok is to keep people on the platform as much as possible, so “rightly” rewards creators who manage to create videos that keep users’ attention as much as possible. This parameter cannot be analyzed in the analytics. However, we can see the average viewing time. Now that you know what the Completion Rate is and the impact it has, you can use strategies designed specifically to keep users on your video:

  • Video loop, the user does not understand when the video starts again; in this way, you increase the average viewing time, and you have a high completion rate.
  • Writings: text that intrigues the user and makes him stay on the video until the end.
  • Visual elements that make the user want to see what happens to the end.

Any strategy you apply is fine, as long as it keeps the user literally glued to your video.